All About SIM Swapping: How It Works, What the Consequences Are, and How to Stay Protected (Infographic)


SIM swapping is one of the biggest challenges the cybersecurity industry is facing.

Since 2015, when we’ve witnessed one of the first public SIM swapping frauds, the scale of this identity fraud strategy has only been on the increase, affecting very prominent people around the world where fraudsters got away with millions of dollars.

In addition to the immediate losses the end-users face, SIM swapping incidents incur huge direct costs for both service providers and mobile network operators, as well as a considerable blow to their brand reputation. There is no party left unaffected.

As such, we created this infographic to address it, and educate ourselves on SIM swapping, how it works, how to recognize if you’re being attacked, what the consequences are, and how to prevent it.



Download the complete SIM Swapping infographic here. If you want to learn more, let’s talk.

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