Founder of IPification, Harry Cheung to Speak at the Reinventing the World – The Power of Industry 4.0 Conference in Belgrade, Serbia

It gives us great pleasure to announce that Harry Cheung, the founder of IPification, will be one of the key speakers at the Reinventing the World conference on November 5-6, in Belgrade Serbia.

Reinventing the World – The Power of Industry 4.0 is a two-day event taking place at the futuristic Science Technology Park in Belgrade.

Focused on the newest trends in the world of technology, the event was created with startups, researchers and other parties working on high-tech development in mind.

On Monday, during the first day of the conference, Harry Cheung will explain how IPification succeeds in combining top-notch user authentication and undisrupted user experience in his presentation “Boosting User Experience and Enhancing Security”.

Mr. Cheung will present the ways in which the IPification solution can reap benefits for both the user, by significantly increasing user safety and satisfaction, and the telco industry, by providing new revenue streams.

Send us a message at  to request a meeting slot.

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