John Tsang becomes Chairman of Benefit Vantage Limited

April 17, 2018
1 minute read
Category: Company News
Author: IPification Team

After more than 35 years of civil service career, most recently as the longest-serving Financial Secretary of Hong Kong, John Tsang decided to take on a new direction. He is now focusing on fintech, innovations and startups, and has invested in and assumed the position of Chairman of Benefit Vantage Limited (BVL), a locally registered company.

BVL was established in 2014 in Hong Kong by Harry Cheung. The company’s primary focus is on cyber security, data protection and backup solutions. It is now extending its remit to cover areas of significant global interests. Besides IPification, the breakthrough technology for mobile identification, user authentication and authorization, the company has also developed an innovative solution for monetization for mobile operators.

Mr. Tsang’s position as the Chairman of BVL will give the company prominent global profile and visibility in its effort to establish IPification as the best solution for user authentication and authorization for online businesses, from banking and retail, to governments, corporations, and other industries.

“We are working all out to launch IPification in the near future, and we are proud to have John become our Chairman. I am confident that his vision and experience will prove indispensable in establishing partnerships with leading companies in different industries, and helping users reap benefits with a solution that is secure and provides great user experience,” Cheung said.

On his new role as Chairman of BVL, Tsang said: “I always wanted to get involved in a business that breaches new frontiers in the way that people transact. I believe BVL’s IPification is such a rare breakthrough. It is better than all the existing log-on solutions from usernames and passwords, to biometrics and facial recognition. I am looking forward to sharing this technology with the world.”

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