Listen to the keynote by our Chairman at MWC Shanghai 2018

June 29, 2018
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Author: IPification Team

Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2018 showcased the most innovative products & services ranging from mobile industry, telecommunication, information technology, AI, and other related fields. We feel honoured that we were a part of its mission in sharing big ideas that are influencing the future of the mobile industry.

Our Chairman, Mr John Tsang, was one of the keynote speakers during the event’s third session, discussing how digitalization is creating new ways to facilitate our leisure time.

During his presentation, Mr. Tsang talked about how most people have multiple digital identities, with different usernames and passwords that require periodic updating, and which often get forgotten. As a result, user access to different accounts is prohibited, and alongside that inconvenience, the current registration procedures tend to be tedious and complex.

“What we need now, is a simpler and a more secure solution,” he pointed out.

In a few years time it is estimated that over 80% of the population will have access to smartphones, and more and more transactions will be executed online in the digital space. With this in mind, everyone is focused on trying to solve the issues regarding authentication online.

During the talk, Mr. Tsang also said: “We’ve seen a range of solutions: 2FA, biometrics, blockchain, and so forth - but we believe that telecom operators, who have direct connection to the widest number of consumers, are the ones who are in the strongest position on the market to solve the challenge in the best possible way. They hold the key.”

At IPification we have come up with a solution that will empower Mobile Connect initiative, and mobile operators, to unlock the true potential of mobile identity. Our solution is will take the furthest step forward in simplifying authentication and authorization processes, while maintaining the highest level of user security and privacy.

Mr. Tsang’s presentation was well received and attracted attention from people from different industries. We enjoyed talking with many different people during the conference, and are looking forward to another opportunity to present our seamless authentication technology.

Click here to listen to the complete keynote at MWC Shanghai 2018.

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