Customer Stories

“IPification saves money!”

- Gun Chun Len, ezyCourier Malaysia Director

ezyCourier is a low-cost peer-to-peer parcel courier service. ezyCourier puts people who need parcels taken anywhere in Southeast Asia in touch with people who plan to be driving or flying there anyway. It's a low-cost service for matching up people who need parcels delivered and people willing to help them and earn while traveling.

In order to offer the most affordable prices for parcel delivery we are always on the look to optimize the current cost in the whole service chain. As the number of users started to increase, the prices of User authentication (mainly done via 2FA SMS one time PINs) started to increase a lot. Aside for the cost, delivery rate of the SMS varied per certain markets, which started to affect our quality of service, to which we have been committed over the past years to our loyal customer and drivers. 

Through IPification are aiming to decrease the registration price, by eliminating the need for SMS for 2FA and increasing the conversion of registered users (close to 100% are being successfully verified by IPification). We are looking forward to growing our partnership further across many other markets in SEA.