Customer Stories

“IPification is the future of Gamers identity!”

- Sergey Sholom, PhD - President & Co-Founder

There is no need for extensive login and registration options in the Gaming industry. Moreover gamers are not comfortable in filling those long forms, worrying about their privacy data might leak to some third parties. Aside from security issues, they just don’t wont to lose time on administration but rather focus on what they have intended in the first place when they downloaded the game app – play the game and enjoy their leisure time! 

IPification is solving one of the biggest Game developers challenges – conversion and gamers retention. With the smoothest, credentionless login/registration option, but still with the highest security behind it, it enables unique user experience and its continuous gameplay without any interruptions (which are the main cause of lower conversion rates). Based on some of the first indications and test samples, we are talking about 15-20% increase in gamers conversion, which represents a tremendous improvement and results among top game developers. 

In addition,  aside from clear business objectives, we are also very happy to partner with IPification since we are sharing the same humanity goals in supporting all Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of United Nations and working together to make a world a better place through gaming.