Customer Stories

“The only method with full privacy for end users”

- Thomas Reddaway, TA Marketing Director

True Allowance is a platform that brings like-minded individuals together. Their users range from high net worth individuals, athletes, actresses, models, mentors to the girl and guy next door!


Platform aims to bring a truly premium experience to their users by combining the best of dating, travel and personal interaction onto the one platform. Forming a connection with someone in a convenient, safe and moderated arena is becoming a highly sort after alternative, which represent the main mission of TA team. 


When it comes to Dating world, full privacy of the users is mostly regarded feature of every platform. Up to now, there was no really credentionless solution which could fully guarantee end-users full privacy (most of the current dating platforms are requiring email during the registration process, which can be used later on to track that specific individual via other third party social networks). IPification enables true protection of end users privacy, by not requesting anything but encrypted Mobile ID to be shared with service provider. That’s why we are happy to be among the first Dating platforms to integrate such solution and provide unique user protection in Dating world.