IPification Brings One-Click Phone Number Verification to Mexico

HONG KONG – The leading global provider of one-click mobile authentication and fraud prevention solutions, IPification, is proud to announce that its flagship solutions are entering the market in Mexico. Mobile app developers in the country can now implement seamless IPification phone number verification to streamline their sign-up processes.

Mexico is one of the biggest telecom markets globally with almost 100 million mobile users who can now take advantage of a seamless user experience and bank-grade security.

On the other side, IPification is enabling any mobile app developer in Mexico to provide a frictionless mobile phone number verification experience. In this way, they get to improve their registration and login user experience, in turn increasing their user adoption, retention, and engagement rates.

“We’re unlocking yet another market and I am very happy that it happened to be in Mexico, a huge market with great potential”, said Stefan Kostic, IPification CEO. “A great user experience in combination with security has brought great results for mobile app developers time and time again, and we have no doubts that IPification will be among the most powerful weapons in their arsenal, providing their users with a truly seamless user experience.”

IPification currently has a coverage of over 3.5B subscribers globally with its flagship mobile authentication solution, now adding Mexico to the list of markets it’s present in.

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