IPification Launches Its Frictionless Child Protection Solution for MNOs and MVNOs

HONG KONG – The leading global provider of mobile IP address-based authentication, user verification, and fraud prevention solutions, IPification, has just launched its child protection solution for mobile (virtual) network operators. The free age identification feature is meant to protect children online and enable compliance with local legislation requirements.

With the GDPR regulating child privacy and protection issues in Europe and the Children’s Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) of 1998 in the USA, PIPL in China, etc, companies globally have been challenged to comply with the regulations and protect children without losing any present or future business.

In order to achieve this, an age identification solution is needed to enable companies to be aware of the age of a user without individually identifying them, whose data they shouldn’t keep, use or share, and whom they shouldn’t advertise to without verifiable parental consent. With that in mind, IPification has developed a frictionless child protection solution for MNOs and mobile app developers.

The proprietary IPification Child Protection enables MNOs and MVNOs to identify the users’ age. The solution then sends a signal to the mobile app developer, flagging underage users and helping them comply with the requirements.

“We believe that protecting children and the vulnerable should be one of the main priorities for companies operating in the digital space. To reinforce this initiative, we’re offering our state-of-the-art age detection solution free of charge,” said Breno Pilar, IPification VP Ibero-America. “Let’s protect them until they are mature enough to decide for themselves and let’s protect our businesses by future-proofing our revenue streams.”

The IPification Child Protection solution is available free of charge for all mobile network operators globally as our small contribution to a cause we believe is worth the effort: to protect the children and the vulnerable.

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