IPification, revolutionary mobile authentication solution now available to CTM Macau subscribers

IPification creates bank-grade security with zero-tap user experience

(28th March 2019 – Macau) Benefit Vantage Limited, proprietor and developer of IPification, the seamless mobile authentication solutions; and CTM, the leading mobile and fixed-line telecommunications operator in Macau, signed a partnership to offer IPification secure mobile authentication to the CTM customers.

Stefan Kostic, IPification Chief Executive Officer, said, “This is a milestone for our development, and we are looking forward to redefining mobile authentication shoulder-to-shoulder with CTM. Our cooperation with CTM will bring an all-new level of convenience, security, practicality, and cost-savings for both CTM mobile network users and the service provider partners. We know that our solution will foster a more secure and seamless mobile experience for the mobile-users and we are excited to bring that change to Macau.”

“IPification possesses a stable technology to help us enhance customers’ user experience. As IPification utilizes international standards, the overall network integration has been smooth.  A secure and seamless authentication solution is vital for the development of CTM; and the smart city transformation of Macau. Moreover, the application of IPification is also versatile, it offers business across different sectors a more secure, protected, and convenient online transaction experience, and we believe merchants will gradually adopt this technology…” Ebel Cham, VP, Commercial, CTM stated.

IPification is leveraging mobile operator’s network full capabilities. Unlike other mobile authentication methods namely header enrichment 2FA, IPification does not require any private information from the users to complete the process (such as name, mobile phone number, user name or password), nor does it requires any action performed by a user to activate and complete the identity verification (zero-tap login). It ensures the security of IPification while elevating user experience to the highest level.

For service providers, IPification can strengthen user security as the technology is built upon the strictest protocols. Since a Mobile ID generated from various SIM cards, devices, and unique network data cannot be manipulated, hacked nor altered, the deployment of IPification will enhance the registration flow, improve login experience, and offer maximum protection against fraudulent activities.

From April this year, IPification will be added to CTM Buddy, the customer service app of CTM to provide an additional and more secure user authentication option. With this revolutionary mobile authentication technology, CTM is looking forward to offering mobile service subscribers a brand new and seamless login experience and protecting their personal data at the same time.

About Benefit Vantage Limited

The company established in 2014 in Hong Kong, soon became a leading company in Asia for providing Security and Data Backup solutions, aiming to deliver best data protection and disaster recovery for virtual, physical mobile and cloud environments. In addition to security-based products company has recently developed a custom-made solution for Mobile Authentication, IPification which heavily relies on its partnership with Mobile Operators. Benefit Vantage Limited has three development centres located in China, Vietnam, and Serbia.

About CTM

As the locally rooted telecom service provider, CTM has been playing a major role in the ongoing development of Macau’s infrastructure, while providing a full range of professional telecom services including mobile, fixed telephony, fibre broadband and integrated telecom solutions. To further stimulate the IT development of Macau and With a vision of building Macau into a Digital City, CTM is continuously improving its network infrastructure with massive and long-term investment. CTM’s fibre network has fully covered Macau and CTM Wi-Fi hotspots are available across the city in tourist spots, hotels, shops, entry ports, public buses, vessels of TurboJet across HK and Macau, recreational areas of Social Housing.

For more information, please visit www.ctm.net

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