Harry Cheung and IPification at the Reinventing the World Conference in Serbia

November 8, 2018
1 minute read
Category: Events
Author: IPification Team

The founder and president of BVL, Harry Cheung, held a presentation at Reinventing the World - The Power of Industry 4.0 conference at the Science Technology Park in Belgrade on Monday. 

Reinventing the World conference was organized to bring together world-known experts in high-tech and entrepreneurship. During the two-day event, various topics concerning the world in Industry 4.0 were discussed. 

The attendees had the chance to learn about the future of software engineering, cybersecurity threats, the role of startups in this revolution, and many other topics. 

Mr. Cheung spoke on the first day of this event dedicated to the vision of the world in the fourth industrial revolution about where IPification fits in in this landscape when data security is one of our biggest concerns. 

Our founder talked about our seamless authentication solution and its superiority in boosting user experience and enhancing security.

BVL and IPification look forward to opportunities to discuss the future of mobile identity and its implementation towards greater user data security and experience.  

If you haven't had the chance to hear Mr. Cheung’s presentation, or you would like to learn more about IPification - feel free to contact us any time.