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What is IPification and how does it work?

IPification is a revolutionary Mobile Authentication solution, created by BVL team in Hong Kong in partnership with substantial number of Telecom operators globally. Solution mostly relies on utilizing Telco Network components to securely authenticate the users upon their consent.

How many countries does IPification currently support?

IPification is currently focused on covering APAC markets with the focus on North APAC & SEA, but it is constantly working to expand its coverage globally.

Where is IPification R&D based?

There are three R&D centers based in Hong Kong, Vietnam & Serbia.

What is the difference between IPification and other authentication options?

There are significant differences (advantages) compared to traditional authentication options which mostly relies still on standard email/password login options, phone number verification etc. The main advantages are reflected in much higher security factors being implemented behind IPification, seamless end user experience and affordable pricing.

Is IPification safer than Biometric (FaceID, TouchID…) solutions?

Biometric solutions are convenient. Unfortunately, they cannot cope with the rising privacy and security challenges in the digital ecosystem. There are very poor standards around biometric solutions nowadays and most of them are not 100% reliable due to different external influences (noise, light etc.). Having said this, we do believe that IPification is a strong complementary solution to any biometric ID out there, which will help to fill the above-mentioned gaps.

How fast I can integrate IPification solution?

The speed of integration mostly depends on the Merchant side, on average we estimate to take up to 2-3 working days to integrate and test the connection between our two platforms.

What type of Native apps are supported by IPification?

IPification is cross platform solution, supporting all major native mobile platforms (Android, iOS, Windows) and mobile web applications.

What is the pricing for using IPification?

Pricing model is based per successful API request base. For detailed pricing per country, please contact our sales team at  

How can an Operator estimate the potential business size for integrating IPification solution?

Business potential in terms of revenues expected depends on several different criteria and is mainly country/operator specific. Some of the variables affecting the potential size includes number of smartphone subscribers, the amount of data package used etc. Please find more details and rough estimation in our Operators section of this website.

What security measures and protocols are used by IPification?

IPification is based on well-known identity standards – OpenID, which also includes OAuth2, thus providing full reliability to all the stakeholders in the ecosystem.

What type of Merchants are using IPification?

IPification solution is suitable for all customer segments that are looking to innovate and optimize their digital experience. Merchant-side partners are coming from traditional OTT segments, Gaming industry, Fintech companies, Government sectors, Corporations etc.