IPification, Seamless Mobile Authentication Solution from Hong Kong Becomes GSMA Mobile Connect Compliant

November 5, 2018
1 minute read

5th of November, Hong Kong

Leading company in Asia for providing Security and Data Backup solutions, Benefit Vantage Limited (BVL), with its mobile authentication solution called IPification, announced that it is now compliant with the GSMA’s Mobile Connect specifications after successfully passing the Mobile Connect test suite. 

Developed by the mobile industry as a universal mobile phone-based authentication service, Mobile Connect allows consumers across the globe to access their digital accounts via a single login, without the need to remember passwords and usernames.

IPification is a seamless, and very secure, network-based solution that leverages authentication possibilities outside traditional SMS, header enrichment and USSD. The mobile user authentication process is done within a fraction of a second, without the need to share a user’s private information.  

“The way IPification works takes a new approach to that which the entire telco ecosystem is seeing right now. We are using mobile network capabilities to bring a completely new mobile user authentication method with the huge accent on dramatically improved security and protecting the user privacy. From the user perspective, IPification doesn't require any action in order to run and complete the authentication.  From the telco technology and revenue perspective, IPification is already recognized as a leader in the new authentication era.”, stated Harry Cheung, Founder, and President at IPification. 

“With Mobile Connect, the mobile industry is fulfilling an important role in the digital identity space, giving users control over their own data and enabling consumers, businesses and governments alike to interact and access online services in a convenient, private and trusted environment,” said Marie Austenaa, VP and Head of Identity Business Development, GSMA. 

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