How IPification is Helping Delivero Digitalize the Package Delivery Industry in Serbia

delivero implements ipification mobile authentication

Team IPification has just onboarded a new partner – Delivero, the first package delivery super app in Serbia!

Delivero is special and complementary to IPification in its user-centric approach with which they’re trying to streamline the communication between end-users, e-commerce marketplaces, and delivery services.

We’re always impressed with the innovative approaches our partners come up with and we always want to showcase their businesses.

Delivero was founded early last year by two young UI/UX designers. We sat down with them to find out how Delivero came to be, what its main goals are, and where IPification one-click phone verification fits in.

Delivero – User-Centric Delivery Super App Pioneer

While various industries went through their own digital transformation in the region, courier services stayed far behind, a problem that only grew bigger as the pandemic crept up on the world.

If you’ve ever ordered anything online, you know how easily that process can become a nightmare, and even before the pandemic. In fact, a lamp-delivery gone wrong is precisely how Delivero came to be early last year.

You know the deal: changes in the delivery window, lack of flexibility, inability to accurately track your packages, and a plethora of similar problems, most of which can be easily solved by digitalizing the delivery process itself.

Upon noticing the market gap, the founders Živko Gvozdenović, and Marko Purić decide to roll their sleeves up and help digitalize these services in Serbia. More importantly, knowing the significance of a great user experience for user adoption, retention, and engagement, they opt for a user-centric approach.

Today, Delivero has just successfully exited its Beta testing phase of new features, ready to be launched early next month.


The app enables users to track their packages minute by minute, and communicate with the courier services. From the courier agent side, management of the deliveries is made easier, while the courier service providers digitalize their businesses, track their deliveries and improve the user experience for their customers. Finally, Delivero brings transparency and ease of use to businesses sending their packages to end-users via courier services.

They are creating a complete courier, e-commerce, and delivery service digital ecosystem and elevating this service branch to the next, mobile-driven, user-centric level. Long gone are the days when seamless user experience took a back seat to the features.

Did you know that a one-second delay in page load time causes a 7% loss in conversions?

Or, to zero in on our specialty, 60% of users feel they are occasionally, frequently, or always slowed down or blocked from accessing services online by the sign-up process. What’s worse, 43% of users simply abandon the sign-up process because of these frustrations, and that’s before they even start using the app!

Delivero knew this, IPification could help with this, and the partnership was born.

How IPification Helps Streamline Delivero User Experience

Delivero initially implemented SMS OTP for phone verification of their users. However, users soon started reporting issues with both the user experience and the SMS OTP delivery itself.

SMS OTP phone verification takes anywhere from 15 to up to 45 seconds, depending on the network at a given time and how long an SMS takes to arrive. And that’s if it ever arrives: our partner CarGo used to experience 12% of unsuccessful SMS OTP deliveries!

Take that into account and add the fact that a bad onboarding experience can result in an up to 40% sign-up drop-off rate and it’s very easy to see why IPification was the right choice for Delivero.

After implementing IPification one-click phone verification in the Beta phase, Delivero users reported a WOW effect where they couldn’t believe how much simpler and quicker phone verification had become. And with that, Delivero had the final key for the release of the new, improved version of the app.

The public launch of Delivero with its new features is planned early next month and team IPification is very excited. It’s great to see and work with another user-centric company whose vision matches our own closely.

Good luck with the launch, Delivero! We’re here to support you!


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