IPification One-Click Mobile Authentication Launched in France

ipification one-click mobile authentication launched in france

HONG KONG – State-of-the-art IPification one-click mobile authentication, phone verification, and fraud prevention solutions have just been launched in France. Service providers in the country can now implement these solutions into their mobile apps to increase their security and improve the user experience at the same time.

IPification helps any mobile app developer, whether the sector is banking, fintech, entertainment, mCommerce, gaming, or anything else, streamline their onboarding process by implementing seamless yet bank-grade secure mobile authentication. By removing the friction from sign-up and sign-in processes, it is expected that their user acquisition, retention, and engagement rates will increase.

“Bienvenue, France! It’s a pleasure to enter the French market, and rewrite the history of mobile authentication together,” said Stefan Kostic, IPification CEO. “Now that our solutions are live in the country, I am looking forward to onboarding service providers, a few of which are in the final stages of the implementation of our one-click mobile authentication and user verification solutions.”

The flagship IPification one-click mobile authentication, user verification and fraud prevention solutions currently have a coverage of over 2.5 billion subscribers in over 20 markets globally.

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