How MNOs Can Leverage Mobile Authentication to Secure Key Position in Mobile ID – Interview with Ruediger Koester

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We have had the privilege to interview Ruediger Koester, an expert in the Telco industry, on the challenges mobile operators face today, the state of mobile authentication, and the ways in which mobile network operators can leverage mobile authentication to secure their key position in the mobile identity space.

Mr. Koester has 30 years of experience in leading management roles at companies like Deutsche Telekom. Last 10 years of his corporate career, Ruediger was CTIO of Magenta in Austria. Today, he serves as the CEO of SeTeKo.

On December 1st, at 2 PM CEST, Ruediger will be joining IPification CEO, Stefan Kostic and IPification Marketing Director, Maja Perovic for an exclusive webinar titled “MNO Experiences: Stepping Beyond SMS OTP – Protect the User’s Trust via Mobile Identity” to discuss authentication during a global pandemic, the impact of SMS OTP on MNO business, and mobile authentication solutions to help secure MNO key position in mobile ID.

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The Biggest Challenges MNOs Today Face

In the last couple of months, we’ve seen a full-on digital transformation, both in the private and work lives of individuals all around the world.

To be more precise, the number of remote workers has increased from 33% to 66% within just a couple of months, and it seems that remote working will be a trend that stays. The tech giants, Facebook and Google, for example, will keep their workers remote this and next year.

As far as our private lives are concerned, the case is pretty similar. The already-surging online activities have only been sped up by the pandemic resulting in a 26.8% increased demand overall in online inquiries.

From the MNO perspective, with the users spending an average of 8h on their mobile devices, the data traffic is growing exponentially which brings a new challenge for MNOs: a continuous need to improve their network and invest in it.

However, a little bit ironically, the revenues they make from authenticating users via SMS-OTPs might be endangered by other, newer authentication solutions. Why?

Well, SMS-OTP 2FA has been called a “deprecated authentication solution” for years now.

In an effort to ensure their users stay secure to both keep their trust and save funds that could otherwise go to settling cyber breaches, mobile app developers are turning to other authentication solutions such as app-based 2FA or social media logins.

Having that in mind, it’s clear that mobile network operators should act fast, to ensure they stay competitive in the mobile identity and authentication market and keep their key position.

How Telcos Can Leverage Mobile Authentication to Win User Trust and Secure Their Key Position

If anything, MNOs have the best starting position in the mobile ID world.

They are very much trusted, especially as far as data security and data privacy is concerned, and they have some of the best tech infrastructures that can be leveraged for mobile authentication, user verification, and fraud prevention.

From there, it just becomes a question of realizing this potential by taking the right steps.

We completely agree with what our guest Ruediger thinks – MNOs should think about mobile authentication solutions that rely on their infrastructure to be able to create a new source of revenue, while at the same time providing a competitive mobile authentication solution such as IPification.

IPification relies on already-existing MNO infrastructure to create a unique mobile ID key for each user, based on their IP address, SIM card, and device data. IPification then authentication users with only one-click, providing an impeccable user experience with maximum security and user privacy.

By implementing such authentication solutions, MNOs get to tap into their existing audience of customers, re-establish their trust, and monetize this authentication need.

However, that is only scratching the surface as far as this topic is concerned.

In our upcoming webinar with Mr. Ruediger Koester, we’ll be talking about this in-depth.

To find out why MNOs should step beyond SMS 2FA, as well as what awaits them on the other side, make sure that you register for our webinar. We’d love to have you there!

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