How Zakaži Tehnički implemented IPification mobile phone verification to retain their users

zakazi tehnicki implements ipification

We partnered up with Zakaži Tehnički to bring our users in Serbia the most elegant solution to booking your car diagnostics.
Since the IPification x CarGo partnership is working out better than even we expected, we are happy to be expanding our presence in the Serbian market by joining forces with Zakaži Tehnički.

Zakaži Tehnički is a mobile app service which helps its users in Serbia go through the car diagnostics booking process and easily book the time slot and the service they need. Zakaži tehnički’s system connects car drivers and owners with the car services in the area.

The Zakaži Tehnički app is created for all types of customers, from regular drivers, to agencies and corporate car companies.

We were joined by Stefan Azarić, the Co-founder of Zakaži Tehnički, who had the opportunity to explain the ins and outs of their app and company.

He explained that the project is young and new to the market, but they are definitely working on an aggressive expansion strategy. Zakaži Tehnički is a project lead by 2 companies, SELco doo and DedalDev doo. SELco company is mainly in charge of the business development while DedalDev is mostly focused on the software development itself.
Project was started just under 3 years ago in mid 2018 by a group of friends from college after some major changes to the laws in Serbia regarding car servicing and maintenance.

“Prior to the new law which was passed around 2017-18, the laws were pretty loose regarding how, when and where cars could and should be serviced and taken care of,” said Stefan.
“After the changes were made and the new law was passed, we came up with the idea of creating a service to streamline the booking process.”

These changes were so drastic, in the sense that on certain occasions car services had to be performed within an hour or less, that drivers had to change the approach to finding car servicers.

The company started small, with just a few friends working together on a web app which would speed up the process of finding the nearest car service and booking an exam as soon as possible. Once that took off, and car servicers started applying en masse, they decided to develop an app – and a few months later, here we are.

Zakaži Tehnički currently has over 140 registered services signed up all across Serbia, out of which ~40 services are active daily (and visible on the map), and the company is actively looking to add more to their portfolio.

“Most of the servicers we signed up are in Belgrade and in, or around, other major cities in Serbia. Maybe one day we’ll move into the neighboring countries if all goes well here on the domestic market.”

Improving user retention rates with IPification

As we mentioned before, the app is available on Google Play Store, iOS App Store, and the Huawei AppGallery as well. The app gets over 200+ downloads every week and just the Android app itself has over 10.000 downloads.

The app uses a Google Maps location-based technology which allows the app to precisely pinpoint the user’s location if the user allows it access to GPS.

Mr. Azarić noted that the app had a big problem with user drop off rate, which is why he decided to implement the IPification one-click phone verification solution.

“Many users would download the app, open it, and then leave before even typing in the SMS code sent to them for user verification purposes”, Stefan said.

“Oftentimes it happens that users double click the “Send code” button, which would then send two codes, which are from time to time delayed and expire, at the end users get confused and do not know which to type in or how to proceed. There were many issues with the SMS OTP system”.

He went on to explain how a few times the Firebase SMS OTP system which they previously used for phone verification had a malfunction and downtimes, and users couldn’t log in or sign up for hours at a time.

“The issue with Firebase was pretty much the last straw, and we decided we had to make a change. We looked at our options, and IPification looked like the best and most elegant solution to the problem.”

The Zakaži Tehnički team has implemented IPification’s passwordless one-click authentication which now no longer forces users to wait up to a minute, but verifies them in a matter of seconds.

“We expect this change to hugely improve the initial drop user rate, customer satisfaction, improve the user experience, and further streamline the car service booking process, Mr. Azarić said.”

Zakaži Tehnički is another great use case for IPification, as other car companies such as CarGo have also implemented our phone verification solution. We are looking forward to working with others in the future as well!

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